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1. Repair Estimate

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During the Estimate Process, the vehicle is inspected and relevant data is entered into our Estimate Computer Systems. This data is complied into an estimate that determines the cost of repairs. However, often there is hidden damage that cannot be seen until after the vehicle is disassembled.

3. Disassembly

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In Disassembly, hidden damage is often found, and inner structure repairs are determined. Many times this will require scheduling an insurance re-inspection and ordering additional parts.

5. Structural Repair

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In the Structure Repair area, the unitized body is returned back to the factory specification. A sophisticated measuring system is used to monitor all phases in this area. A computer-based measurement system is used to analyze the frame of your vehicle. This system ensures an accurate repair.

7. Paint and Refinishing

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Paint Preparation is a critical step in the refinishing process of every vehicle. All panels are prepared for paint, then primed and sealed to ensure good adhesion when the final top color and clear coats of paint are applied.

9. Detailing

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In the Detailing area, the vehicle is hand washed, dried and lightly detailed inside and out to remove any dust or dirt that accumulated during the repair process. Then a final quality control inspection is performed.

2. Repair Authorization

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Once the estimate is completed, the insurance company will review it. There may be some negotiations on the price and procedures required to repair the vehicle. The insurance company will determine if the vehicle is even repairable. Once this process is completed, the vehicle begins the actual repair process.

4. Order Parts

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The required parts for your vehicle are ordered, and availability is checked. If a part needs to be special ordered, the order will be placed as soon as possible. Although many parts may arrive very quickly, the repair process cannot begin until the shop receives all of the structural parts.

6. Body Repair

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The Body Repair Department replaces exterior panels and all metal finishing that may be required. The vehicle begins to come back to life as sheet metal is installed and aligned. From here the vehicle will go to the Paint Preparations Department.

8. Reassembly

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Final moldings and detail pieces are put back on the vehicle in the reassembly area. All the vehicle’s systems are checked during this process. The vehicle is almost complete and ready for delivery when it is in this stage.

10. Delivery

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Delivery is the last step in the repair process. When the customer arrives to pick up the vehicle, the bill is explained, and the final paper work is completed. The customer drives away in the vehicle that has been restored to its pre-accident condition.


(614) 547-7488

Premium Luxury Vehicle Repair

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See What Our Powell Ohio Body Shop Is About.

Do not trust unqualified hands with the auto body shop repair of your luxury vehicle, follows these tips to choose the right company.

Have you damaged your car in a collision recently? Then you are understandably under some stress about getting your car repaired as quickly as possible but be advised and do not make haste because a hurried decision can mean selecting the first option you find and trust  your precious luxury car in the hand of an inexperienced, untrained and unreliable car collision repair service. So let us at Twisted Metal Collision, best body shop Powell Ohio has to offer, help you select a dependable and capable auto collision repair service through our expert tips and advice.

With an experience spanning over 16 years in the auto repair industry, we understand that who you entrust to repair your vehicle after an accident is an extremely important decision. We intend to make the collision repair process as simple as dropping off your vehicle then picking it up at the scheduled time with no headaches in between. We suggest that you start your search online or by asking friends and family for referrals, this is one of the best ways of easily getting a few companies that offer collision repair services.

Do Your Auto Body Shop Repair Research

Once you have the names, it is time to learn more about these companies. This is a crucial phase of your decision-making process, we advise you to learn as much as possible about the companies before reaching a final decision and  to avoid having regrets later about a botched-up car body repair. Learn about their credentials, make sure that the company you are considering has only fully certified and trained professionals. If your car is a high-end luxury model then this information is extremely important and should not be ignored at any cost because only certified or trained repair companies possess the knowledge and the stage by stage training on the latest repair techniques directly from the manufacturers of most luxury automobiles.  Powell Ohio 43065 based Twisted Metal Collision specializes in luxury vehicle repair, we have the latest technology, certified body shop repair professionals and a fully equipped facility that can repair most high-end cars including Lexus and Mercedes repair.

Another effective method of collecting information about the standards of service quality of any company is to check out customer reviews. Fortunately, in today’s digital era of the internet, there are plenty of online platforms that offer independent user reviews and testimonials about a company and its services. One of the best places you can read reviews is on a company’s Google+ profile page because these testimonials usually come up when you Google search a company’s name. Look for the star rating, read both positive and negative reviews to get a better sense of the picture. We suggest you also go to a website like Yelp that focuses only on customer reviews. Twisted Metal Collision is extremely proud of the fact that we maintain a spotless customer satisfaction record which is evident from the many 5-star rated reviews we have been receiving from customers in Powell, Westerville, Worthington, Lewis Center, Plain City, Delaware, Marysville, Dublin and Northern Columbus communities.

What To Do Next

After you have collected most of the information you may need to base an informed decision on, we would suggest initiating contact with your chosen company. Most reliable and capable companies offer a free online estimate service. By requesting a free online quote or estimate, you can get information about the estimated prices of the service, and the approximate time it would require a company to complete the job. To get a quote you may be required to provide a few personal details such as your name and email address to the company along with the details of the services you are looking to purchase. A trustworthy and reputable company will keep your information safe and will get back to you with all the details in an organized and swift manner. Your subsequent interaction with the customer services department of the company will give you a good clue about how well-organized  and skillful a company is, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Also, if your chosen auto body repair company is close by, you can also pay them a visit to find out about the equipment and materials they use.

Finally, choose a company that can handle all insurance company claims after the initial claim has been submitted. Only an established and reputable Powell Ohio auto body shop will be able to work with all insurance company claims.

All this information can mean the difference between just getting your luxury car repaired or getting it repaired correctly.

20 Year Auto Body Shop Veteran

We own our success to the owner of the Twisted Metal Collisions, who is a 20 year veteran of the industry with the last 8 years specializing in Lexus and Mercedes repair. Twisted Metal Collision is an environmentally friendly shop, we use the highest quality waterborne paints available that can match any vehicle’s factory color.


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